Constipation is a common problem that affects many people. Instead of relying on medication, you can simply choose the right kind of food, so your constipation problem ends. Straining in the bathroom can be so bad, some people actually had heart attack from that. If you choose to eat the right food, you may prevent constipation problem from happening at all. Constipation could cause various problems like toxins re-absorption, bowel impaction, malnutrition, headaches, haemorrhoids, indigestion, diverticulosis, varicose veins, bowel cancer, irritability, abdominal pains, auto immune diseases, weight gain and depression. Foods that may relieve constipation include ground flax seeds, psyllium husks, prunes, okra, extra virgin olive oil, dates, onions, lettuce, potatoes, apples, green peppers, carrots, grapefruits, oranges, pears, beans, strawberries, grapes and other fruits/vegetables.

There are many causes of constipation, such as eating too much food made from refined white flour, pasta, cheese, soda, sugary drinks and meat. Specific medication could also cause medication and if you are being dehydrated, constipation is likely to happen as well. It’s also a problem if you don’t do it immediately when you are feeling the urge. Here are things you should know about constipation-inducing food:

  • Cheese: Cheese can easily clog your digestive track due to its texture. If you eat too much cheese, you stomach could turn into a knot. You could feel stomach discomfort for a couple of days, until it is out of your system. If you love cheese, you should know how much is too much. You could have the urge to eat tasty, cheese-loaded dishes, but they may not be good for you.
  • White bread: You can white bread in many kinds of food, such as sandwich, burger, bun, pizza and fast food biscuits. Relying on white bread as your primary source of carbohydrate can cause constipation. White bread contains nearly no dietary fiber. Eat white bread in moderation and you should balance it out with high-fiber food.
  • Pizza: Pizza takes longer to get out completely of your digestive tract. Unless it’s a vegetarian pizza with high-fiber ingredients, regular pizza has too little dietary fiber. White bread, processed meat and cheese can clog your digestive tract down. A tasty pizza has all of them.

You should do the right things to avoid constipation. First of all, you should always be properly hydrated by drinking raw fruit juices and pure water. You should cut down the consumption of refined foods. They can turn into glue-like substance inside your digestion system. You should also eat enough dietary fiber to make sure that everything is moving smoothly inside your digestion system. If waste is stuck inside your intestines and colon, it will ferment and rot. Constipation isn’t good for your body, especially if there are toxic substances that need to be removed from your body immediately. If you have more oil in your food, the chance of constipation will be reduced. It means that you should add healthy oils to your meals. As an example, you may add a generous amount of olive oil to your pizza and pasta, so your food can move and be digested better.