If you don’t follow safety precautions in the gym, you may set yourself up for a painful accident. Because you are dealing with heavy, hard objects; gym can be a really dangerous place. Ego may prevent beginners from asking for help. It is important to avoid making mistake in the gym. You don’t have to learn from experience, because it often means that you need to make mistake before learning something valuable. Instead, you should obey trainer, coach and gym staff when they inform you about techniques of gym safety. Before starting your gym session, it’s a good idea to spend an hour with instructor or gym staff to learn more about safety issues and common mistakes that beginners make. Read the gym rules and make sure that you comply with them. Bring a copy of the rules home, so you can read it on your own.

Gym rules may vary, but they often include always replace weights after use, don’t bring food into the gym including gum, always have an experienced spotter, wear proper exercise shoes and wear proper attire. Loose clothes could snag and cause accidents. Very tight clothes will hamper movements and cause overall discomfort. Jeans are abrasive and may damage vinyl benches.

There dozens of mistakes that can potentially cause accidents. One of them is mistakes when unloading and loading bar of the bench press. If you unload one side of the bar, it may flip up due to unbalanced weight. Injuries can happen due to fast moving metal bar. So, there should always be a couple of people who load or unload the bar at the same time. Ask the gym staff or an experienced to friend to help in doing this. Start with heavier weights and then add lighter weights. Other bench press, other exercises like dumbbell flyers, squat, military shoulder press and leg press can potentially cause accidents.

Choose proper shoes that have good traction, so they won’t slip during a demanding exercise. Exercise shoes should be comfortable and make sure that all laces are tied up. You should wear gloves to prevent skin damage and blisters. They can also keep your hands dry. When metal bar gets wet, it will become slippery and accident may happen, especially if you do repetitive movements. Gloves also offer extra support for your body. Your clothing shouldn’t be restrictive and avoid wearing any jewelry. Keep smartphones, wallet, pens and other small items in the locker.

Make sure that there are mirrors in the gym, so you can watch yourself during the exercise. Always have dry, small towels to dry bars and handles, so they won’t get slippery due to sweat. The gym should have regular maintenance schedule, so equipment is always in good condition and accident can be kept at a minimum. Have a safe distance with other objects in the gym. Make sure that you have enough room to perform various movements. Before using weights, make sure that all nuts are tight enough. Someone might decide to remove weights, but not proceeded further after loosening the nuts.