For many elementary school students, moving to middle school brings a set of challenges that can be difficult to handle. Parents should prepare their children and make sure that the transition is much easier. There are certain things that both parents and students need to do to make the transition easier. Middle school is just another progression in life and one step that any student needs to take, if they want to assure their future. Even so, the new environment could cause a lot of stress for some students. However, the impact can be minimized through careful planning. Some methods and strategies may go a long way toward making sure that students feel much more comfortable. Parents need to make sure that students are fully prepared.

First, it is important to make sure that children have located the class, so they will know what to expect during their first day. The school layout should also be inspected, so children know about the location of the lunch room and the cafeteria. If the child needs to take the bus, it’s a good idea to trace the path, so your child will know what to do. Parents should also accompany the student to locate the locker and practice using it. Read the school regulation about what things that can and can’t be stored inside the locker. In some schools, students are required to put their mobile devices inside the locker during class sessions. So, parents may help children to make a list of things they should do. The school will be quite crowded, so it is important that children get themselves organized.

Parents should ask the school administrator whether there are people who can assist students during the first few weeks. Your child may require help to navigate the halls and it would be helpful if they can get from one place to another more quickly. The child should find a “safe” place when they feel overwhelmed by the new environment. It could be a quiet place in the school or a spot where the child could gather with good friends. Access to phones can be problematic, because some middle schools have very stringent rules and they don’t allow students to bring any mobile device. Negotiate with the school administrator and you may achieve a middle ground. As an example, the phone should be placed in the locker most of the time and can be used only after the school ends.

Poor communication with teachers and fellow students can be a big problem for many children. This could cause increased anxiety and confusion. So, it is important for parents to prepare children with good communication skill. Prepare them for crowds and noise, which can be too much for them to handle. Tell students that they need to tolerate some inconvenience. Dealing with these situations improperly can cause unpleasant results, so children should know what to do. Each child is unique, so one plan may work for some children, but not others. There should be open communication and advanced planning to ensure smoother transition to middle school.