It is a fact that proper eating habit and diet will contribute in making students perform better academically. They will have more energy and become more alert. Unfortunately, some schools continue to provide unhealthy lunch for students. When elementary school students consume their mid-morning snack at school, they tend to choose pretzel with cheese sauce or sweet glazed donuts. Even fruit juices and milk can be high in sugar. Not many of them would eat healthier choices, such as yogurt and apples. So, what can you do to make children choose apples, instead of donuts? It’s all about educating children about the importance of healthier foods. They should be eager to choose foods that can make them smarter and grow faster. Show them about the consequences of eating unhealthy foods, such as obesity, bad teeth and other health implications.

Most children are picky when it comes to foods that they would choose. They tend to choose tastier foods, than healthier ones. In reality, it is easy to make healthy foods taste really good. Parents need to be creative in making healthier choices of foods. As an example, apple pie made from apples, whole wheat flour, healthy oil and organic honey could taste really good. Donuts can also be made from whole wheat flour and added with chopped fruits, then fried in healthy oil. It takes some experiment and research to come up with tasty options of healthy foods. Parents could also do the same with healthier variants of pizza, corn dogs and spaghetti-o. If possible, parents should completely avoid processed foods, which could be loaded with preservatives, coloring, emulsifiers and other chemicals.

Homemade, natural foods are always good for us. Parents can be surprised to know what kind of foods that are being served to children. In fact, some schools offer fast food choices delivered from Taco Bell and Domino Pizza. Deep fried foods could also be very enticing for many students. This presents a powerful external pressure that can reverse good eating habits that parents have developed in the house. Children can be curious to try those processed, unhealthy foods they see in schools.  Many parents are wondering why their children continue to gain weight, although children remain active and play outside a lot. This could be caused by significant intake of candy bar, pizza, bag of chips, donuts and other foods that they consume at school.

Cafeteria workers are hard working individuals and they don’t have any intention to load up children with so many calories. School administrators should be aware of the danger of unhealthy foods to children. They need to work with dieticians to come up with energizing, healthy diet that can make students stay alert and focused in class. Much of the illness and diseases in this world are caused by poor diet and what you put in your body is crucial for your health. Surely, teenagers have more durable bodies and they can tolerate more abuse, but health problems will eventually catch up with them, if they don’t quickly improve their diet.