One of the most popular places to explore in Southeast Asia is Thailand. For solo travelers looking for their next voyage Thailand is a great place as it is home to a rich range of attractions, landscapes and activities. Here’s why Thailand is perfect for sole travel.

Solo-Travel can be economical

From where to stay, what to eat to choose where to go you’re on your own. Best tip here is that try to be in control of your spending. It will make it easier for you to save up for the life time experiences you’ll never forget like staying and training at a Muay Thai retreat, scuba diving off the coast of Thalang or travelling to an extremely beautiful island.

Wide choices of accommodations

Thailand has an astounding range of accommodations to serve all budgets and tastes. From living as Thai royalty to huts on the beach whichever place you are looking for you will find it in true Thai essence. One of the very cheap and easy way for solo travelers in Thailand is to stay in a hostel. A lot of other solo travelers there stay in hostels making it easier to meet and make new friends.

Welcoming locals

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. The locals of Thailand are kind, warm, welcoming and hospitable towards outsiders, thus making your trip more pleasant and comfy. While language can be a barrier in some areas, Thai people will help you out often going out of their way. Their friendly faces are comforting in a new place too.

It’s easy to move around

Ferries, trains and buses and ferries in Thailand are almost connecting everywhere. And they are in a huge supply and also pretty reasonable too.

Travelling long distances, as a solo traveler you should experience Thailand’s overnight sleeper trains. It’s also a great choice to get along with other travelers too. There are also budget airlines serving throughout the country, if you need to reach somewhere in short time.

Muay Thai Training as a part of learning Thai culture and staying fit:

Muay Thai isn’t just on the list of the most popular Martial Arts ever, it has also become a must-do practice among solo-travelers. In order to get a mid-holidays fitness lift, let Muay Thai take you in health benefits by grabbing you by the soul, mind and body. While travelling alone Muay Thai retreats are all about self-improvement. Learn about Thai national sport by watching traditional Muay Thai boxing in Bangkok and experience excitement of the audience and whole aura. The ticket includes many practices like martial arts acrobatics and sword fights etc. Or book Muay Thai class at a good Muay Thai camp for yourself and spend few days learning this new skill with others, which can stay with you long time. At the end you will have this surety of being able to defend yourself while being alone.

Muay Thai at Suwit Muay Thai is an antique martial art that pools punches, knees, kicks and elbows with some powerful HIIT style training. Former champions will train you. They know very well how to get the best out of you and then train you. You get to learn a lot about this traditional aspect of Thai culture and immerse yourself in the world of Muay Thai. All of this life affirming experience in Thailand is available nowhere else. Thailand has the best Muay Thai schools in the world which certainly makes a lot of sense!