Can you imagine a sudden fire while sitting inside your office or any favorite commercial building? Of course it can be a very horrible experience and something you wouldn’t ever want to indulge into, but still it is always necessary to take care of all such things that can possibly go wrong. Hence, fire doors can be your safest bet, especially in case of fire emergencies.

There is always no doubt on the durability and robustness of a fire rated door. It can not only act as the strongest wall in the building but also ease off a lot of burden for you if you’re looking to protect your commercial setup with something effective. However, if you want the fire door to fulfill its purpose, you most definitely need a professional installation company to fix it in the best way. Moreover, going in with an installation expert can also help you in fire door inspections and re-certification’s as well.

Now, It is pretty much obvious that you’ll get hundreds of options while looking for best fire rated door company in your area. But in order to make the best choice you need to consider few basic factors which we are going to tell you about in the list below.

  1. Knowledge

It all begins with whether the contractor that you’re going to hire have the required knowledge about the fire doors or not (by this we also mean the latest building codes given by the authorities. If your selected contractor doesn’t have the knowledge regarding meeting the minimum efficiency requirements, your fire door just won’t be able to provide you the adequate level of fire protection. Apart from that, not complying with the standards can also get you in trouble of paying fines as well.

  1. Prior Experience

This is one of the most important things that you should know about your contractor upfront. The longer they have been providing fire door installation service, the more trust one can put in their skill-set as experience directly indicates efficiency. A well-reputed fire rated door company will always have a strong portfolio to show to its customers and  based on that one can easily make the judgment.

  1. Ask for contractor’s license & Insurance

Although it is not necessary that every state would put the limitation of owning a license for installing fire doors, yet if you live in one of those where license is mandatory, make sure that you verify company’s license and insurance beforehand.

Insurance on the other side can keep you in the safe zone in case a mishap or damage happens during the installation of fire door.

  1. Price

Eventually it all comes down to fire rated door cost. We all want to hire a company that should provide the best value for your money. It is always advisable to not go for the cheapest company as cutting down on cost would also mean that the company might compensate for it in quality. Hence, one should make a wise decision by incorporating all the factors and choose a contractor that ticks all your requirements without going way beyond your budget.

  1. Reputation

Word of mouth can be the best source to know whether the company that is claiming to be the best in installing fire doors is actually the one that you should hire or not. In this case, you can always search out for company’s reviews online or one can also ask for references directly. You should do a thorough research on how well they have worked with previous customers before you make the move to hire them for your own commercial building.

The factors listed above may look like simple but this is where customers struggle the most as well. So, try not to trust the promises that the representatives of fire door installation companies might make in front of you and select the one that strictly believes in great results.