Anemia or iron deficiency can cause many problems in our body. In nature, oxygen attracts iron easily. In our body, iron can help to bring oxygen to different parts of our body. Symptoms of anemia include bodily weakness, lack of energy, unusual fatigue, breathing problems, hazy thinking, dizziness, nausea and irritability. If not treated properly, anemia could lead to degenerative diseases like allergies, premature aging, colitis and arthritis. There are different causes of arrhythmia, such as B vitamins deficiency. Lack of iron, combined with low intake of vitamin B12 and folic acids, will reduce the production of red blood cells. As an example, folic acid is essential to produce blood cells inside the bone marrow.

Lack of vitamin B12 could cause pernicious anemia. It is abundant in some plant-based foods and red meat. You need enough vitamin B12 to form new blood cells. It is also needed for the myelination and growth of brain fibers and nervous system. Without enough vitamin B12, blood cells will become unstable and they can be destroyed not long after formation. Vegetarians are particularly vulnerable to vitamin B12 deficiency, because they don’t eat meat. Good alternative sources of vitamin B12 are spirulina and chlorella. You also need enough vitamin E, because it helps the process of organic iron. A mineral is considered as “organic”, if it is obtained from actual food sources. Good iron supplements should provide organic iron for better absorption.

Make sure that supplement doesn’t contain ferric iron, which is essentially rusted iron. Our body poorly absorbs it and this substance is often added to fortify food. Ferric iron will be deposited inside our liver and constipation may happen. You need to consume more vitamin C, because it boosts the absorption of organic iron from plant-based food. Calcium and copper also aid in the absorption of iron in your body. It is often found that people who drink coffee or coffee regularly are iron deficient. If you drink both, the level of biotin and inositol in your body could become deficient. Tannin and caffeine may bind with minerals, which will be eliminated from your body. Ideally, you shouldn’t drink coffee or tea until up to one hour after a big meal.

A natural way to get iron way is to choose vegetables and fresh fruits that are high in iron. When organic iron enters our stomach, it will react with HCl to produce FeCl or iron chloride. It will be absorbed by a section of intestines, called the duodenum. Because, iron from fruits and veggies come with dietary fiber, it should stay long enough duodenum to allow for proper iron absorption. Beetroot juice is good for improving the production of red blood cell, which will help to solve anemia. Parsley is also high in iron and you should add it regularly to your food, if you have anemia problem. Other foods that you should consume are black cherries, dried prunes, kelp and any dark green vegetables. You can sprinkle dried kelp to stews or soups.