Power lifters and body builders are among the hardest working athletes. They need to continuously improve their body, so they can remain competitive. Athletes should be comfortable about themselves and knowing that what they do serves a purpose. Here are things powerlifters and bodybuilders should do:

  1. Prevent injuries with athletic training: Athletic training is useful for bodybuilders and power lifters. Regular running exercise will help to strengthen muscles and bones. Strong heart and good lungs capacity will help power lifters during a strenuous activity, such as when lifting very heavy weight. Athletic training will also strengthen joints, which will prevent potential injuries. Even with a minor strain, your performance can be significantly hampered. Consult your instructors to identify joints and muscle groups that heavier toll on your body during weight training. Then look for specific athletic training methods that improve those joints and muscle groups. Athletic training allows you to get better as a power lifter or bodybuilder. Excessive weight lifting can hurt yourself and you need to strengthen your body using various methods.
  2. Have a plan to transfer gains onto events: This is something that some bodybuilders and power lifters tend to ignore. When you are able to run for long distance, make sure that the gain can be transferred to the actual weight lifting and body building events. If you have good athletic performance, it doesn’t mean that this skill can’t be applied in weight lifting or body building. Think how hard you breathe and how hard your heart is pounding during strenuous lifting activities. If your lungs and heart are stronger, you can do weight lifting longer or more often, as long as you don’t push your muscles too hard. Try to increase the strength of your core and effectively move your sensory balance. Athletic training could also help to improve your balance, which will make your weight lifting performance better. Flexibility and strength are two factors that you need to properly combine.
  3. Perform active recovery: Bodybuilders and power lifters also need to rest properly. However, resting shouldn’t be associated with laziness. When doing body building and weight lifting activities, your muscles and joint will work hard. Proper recovery will prevent injuries. During significant training, muscles can be broken down. Muscles should be given enough nutrients and it should be allowed to repair. Athletes can’t afford to ignore the importance of quality rest. However, resting isn’t always about sitting or lying down. Little tears, twists and general battering to your body can accumulate to cause various injuries. After 9 months of continuous weight lifting activities, you may need to rest for a couple of weeks and do only light exercise just enough to maintain muscle strength. You need to go easy on your ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints. Proper rest could stimulate the flow of blood to affected areas. This will help to speed up the overall recovery process. Rest is really essential, your body needs it and you are not being lazy.