In the modern-day world, smartphones have become a necessity for every individual regardless of their age group. From junior school children to old age people, every person needs a smartphone for one purpose or another. This is mainly because smartphones have so much to offer all in one gadget. Children use it to play games, youth uses it to socialize while old age citizens use it to stay connected with their relatives and pass some time. However, one group who desperately needs a smartphone are college students!

A survey revealed that 1 out of 78 students believe that their life would not get impacted if they do not have a smartphone which ultimately makes it a necessity for college students. They tend to have several GBs of apps in their phones and use these apps to make their lives easier. Mobile application developers are taking advantage of this demand and are developing some excellent apps. From day-to-day bookkeeping, socializing, entertainment, music and workout, there is no activity whose mobile app is not available on Android or iOS smartphones. Following are the top 4 cell phone apps that students must-have for a better life:

  • Whatsapp Messenger: While there are many other messengers in the app store, the most popular one is Whatsapp for several reasons. Whatsapp allows you to share messages, documents, contacts, pictures and videos with everyone around the world. Recently, it also introduced the video calling option which makes it a perfect all-in-one package.

    The services are also exceptionally well and the reason why students need this app is that teachers often ask students to form a group on WhatsApp to share study material and past exams. In group projects, all the members need to know what is being discussed so Whatsappeliminates the need of meeting every time in person. Also, society related discussions can be done on Whatsapp groups and so it is difficult to survive without WhatsApp given that everyone else is using it.

  • Wunderlist: It is not necessary for a useful app to be popular and Wunderlist is one of those few apps. Wunderlist allows you to prepare a number of to-do lists, unlike some other apps where only a limited list can be added. Also, it is imperative for students to set reminders for various tasks including any assignment deadlines, tutorials and group meetings which can be done on Wunderlist. Finally, it allows you to collaborate with other members using Wunderlist for various projects. Hence, this has been a very useful app for students.
  • RefMe: Academic assignments are very common at college and one essential part of these assignments is citations without which the assignment would become plagiarized. Since there are many citation styles including MLA, APA and Chicago, remembering the formats of all is not an easy task. You can always cite articles and journals automatically from Google Scholar butthere is research content often taken from books. In that case, RefMe can help you cite the book automatically in a chosen format by simply scanning the bar code on the book! Yes it is that simple and useful!
  • Wolfram Alpha: You have heard about search engines like Google and Bling but when it comes to Wolfram Alpha, very few are aware of the wonders it can do for students. Whether it is a complex trigonometry problem or you need to look for an answer to an Economics question, Wolfram Alpha has everything. Available on iOS and Android, Wolfram Alpha can be very useful for you throughout the academic life.

Author bio: Hannah Watson is an academic counselor at a college in Montreal 1 Click Dissertation. She obtained her postgraduate degree in Fine Arts and is passionate about fitness and Yoga.