Atlanta is Georgia’s capital and one of the most attractive travel destinations. Why so? Why do millions of people come to Atlanta every year? Actually, Atlanta draws your attention at first glance. This is a city of historical events and scientific discoveries. High-cultural and well-educated people live there. You will be amazed by its colorful murals, outstanding traditions, and finger-licking foodies. There are many reasons to visit Atlanta and you’ll surely find one!

TOP Reasons Why Come to Atlanta:


  • Taste something new


Atlanta is a huge city where you can taste something new and interesting. Drive around and you’ll meet many interesting pizza shops, burger restaurants, barbeque spots. Your head will go round and round from the variety of food markets, cocktail bars, steakhouses. You will never have problems with booking a restaurant for dinner. Don’t worry if you feel hungry while driving around the city. Just stop the car at the food truck and pick something to take away.


  • Visit really funny places for free


Atlanta is a city filled with many interesting places you know nothing about. Of course, some of them are popular tourist places that you can easily find in the tourist guide. Ask locals and you’ll find many more secret places that they used to visit. How about visiting a vintage shop or live music café? Go to the Downtown and explore many interesting restaurants and atmospheric eating places around.


  • Visit natural spots


Atlanta is a popular tourist place because of its natural views and outdoor events. You may need to rent a car to get around the city with comfort. Traveling with your family, stop the car at the city Zoo and Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium is the greatest family place to spend the whole day. Atlanta’s Zoo cares about hundreds of animals from Africa, Asia, America. Where to rent a car? You may use an airport rental location or find a rental spot in the city location. By the way, you may use Atlanta car rental under 25 for young drivers. The young driver’s fee is minimal.

Upper Chattahoochee River Campground


Secret places of Atlanta

When renting a car in Atlanta, try to find as many secret spots as you can. Ask locals. They will guide you.

  1. Visit Dog Beach

It’s an absolutely brilliant green space where you should go to if traveling with pets. The park is a part of a Morningside Nature Preserve and attracts dog lovers to come every morning. The park territory is big and friendly. Here, you can find heavy growth, streams, small rivers, walking trails, and a beautiful sandy beach.

  1. Go to The Big Chicken for meals

When traveling by rental car you will never have problems with finding a good place for dinner. Go to 12, Cobb Pkwy St. If you are hungry after a busy day and need to find a budget place for a fast tasty snack, stop by this KFC eatery. Here, you can buy a good meal for an adequate price. 

  1. Dive into Chattahoochee River

This place is also known as Diving Rock. Actually, this is a high cliff over the Chattahoochee River where everyone can come and jump down. Even if you don’t like the idea of jumping down from the cliff, just look around and amaze by the green landscapes, beautiful sceneries. There is a variant to try diving in the surrounding area. It’s safe and free, unless you need to rent a set of diving equipment. How about arranging a picnic at the end of your adventure?

  1. Go over Dekalb Farmers Market

Atlanta can boast its street markets. You should never miss Dekalb, the biggest one. This is not only a street market but a popular tourist attraction, as well. Native Atlantans come to shop here every day. The market has a big choice of organic products and local delicacies. If you are bored with restaurants and plain food, rent a car in Atlanta and hit one of the biggest city markets. Make dinner on your own and cook with love.



  1. Visit Canyon State Park

Have you ever visited the greatest place for all travelers – Grand Canyon? Now you have a chance to admire the natural beauty of the so-called Little Grand Canyon for 5$. Look around! The location near you doesn’t look Georgian.

  1. Take pictures at School Bus Graveyard

This weird place doesn’t belong to any map or tourist guide. Locals will show you the way to Alonzo Wade Rd. Here, you will take the best selfies contrasted with brightly painted old buses, trucks, and RVs. The entrance is free.

When you are going to spend a day or two in a new city, don’t forget locals about the secret places they often visit. It often happens that one or two of those places doesn’t belong to any of the tourist maps. It is better to rent a car and visit them all.