High school is one of many phases in our lives. In our attempt to pursue academic excellence, high schools represent an important milestone. However, there are mistakes that students may make and here are a few them:

  1. Thinking that studying isn’t important: Some high school students may not study much, but they can still perform quite well in high school. They are more interested in pursuing social endeavours and college may prove to be quite different. College will prove to be very different and if you don’t develop a proper note taking skill, this may prove costly in the long run. High school is a time to strengthen your studying habit and establish a proper schedule. This habit will benefit you greatly in college, because you can improve your skills and knowledge gradually. You can be more successful, regardless of the field you choose.
  2. Not getting enough help: In reality, teachers in high schools are more approachable, compared to professors in college. Not many college professors willing to make themselves available to students. It will be challenging to work with someone who isn’t eager to help. Helps could also be obtained through classmates and it’s easier to do for many students. This problem could extend in college, if we don’t seek out the help that we need. In reality, people can have more respect for those who are willing to seek for help. This is a good way to establish relationship and people are actually eager to help others. Seeking assistance isn’t a character flaw and it’s actually a problem refusing to ask for help. As long as you ask humbly and you have the right attitude, you will get far. Many people with limited skill are able to succeed beyond their limitations, because they sought out helps when needed. Students should do things smartly and put their pride in the back pocket. It can be quite amazing to know what will happen if provide necessary helps to people.

Not choosing the right friends: It’s always a good idea to choose friend wisely and high school is a great place to start making friends. In fact, your high school friends will still be your best friends decades from now. Friends have profound effects on how you perform in school. In fact, people perceive and identify based on your current friends. Peers can significantly influence your priorities and thinking process. This is essential as you seek to move ahead farther in life. In high school, you should choose close friends with great care and it is actually possible that you will be sucked into destructive behaviours due to poor selections of friends. In fact, high school students should forget about being popular in school. It is a lot better to focus on how to do well academically and gather with positive friends, who can provide positive supports. Popularity in high school is so fickle and it’s only a very brief sensation that has no relevance to your future success.