Blood is considered as a tissue in our body. It is consisted of about 60 percent plasma and 40 percent of various cells, such as thrombocytes, erythrocytes and leucocytes. Plasma is consisted of 94 percent water and the rest is immunoglobins, globulins and albumins. Blood is essential for our life and it serves various critical functions. Along with lymph, blood transports oxygen, minerals and various nutrients throughout our body. It also takes pathogens and toxins, which will be removed from our body. Without proper blood circulation, it would be difficult to remove waste and toxins.

From blood, toxins are removed by kidneys, perspiration glands, liver, lungs and digestive tracts. Pathogens will be neutralized by leukocytes and the rest of the immunologic system. If toxins are not removed or neutralized immediately, it can be deposited in the fat tissue. Blood is transported through capillaries, which are really thin tubes, with diameter between 5 to 30 microns. Capillary walls are very elastic and thin. They are essential to transfer nutrients to organs, tissues and cells. Capillary seem to degrade after the age of 45 years old. After this, risks such as hypertension and atherosclerosis are elevated.

There are different ways to improve the performance of capillaries and one of them is hydrotherapy. With this method, capillaries can regain their energetic equilibrium. Hydrotherapy means using water or various aqueous extracts, like decocts and herbs infusion. Hot or cold baths can be applied to feet and hands, so energetic equilibrium is properly restored. A well known French naturopath, Maurice Messengue uses herbal extracts to bath the feet and hands of his patients. As an example, he treated digestive problems with hot hand baths that include thyme, menthe, chamomile and garlic.

Another method is called Scottish showers, which are cold and hot showers alternated to open up blocked capillaries. Blood flow will be accelerated and toxins in our blood can be eliminated. However, Scottish showers are not really for everyone, especially those with heart problems. Hypothermal bath is a hydrotherapy method that can help oxygen and nutrition to reach various organs and tissues. This method is good for treating paralysis. Hot baths with 70 grams of alum and 200 grams of baking soda are useful for treating coagulation inside blood veins.

If you have a lingering illness, you should consider things like diaphragm functions, status of capillaries, oxygen deficit, impaired kidney roles and others. You should take appropriate steps to cleanse your blood. You should use only organic produce that’s free of any synthetic chemical. In order to clean your blood of free radicals, you may try to consume spirulina, which is a type of blue-green algae. Vitamin B12 is useful to ensure healthy blood, by increasing the level of red cells or erythrocytes. Nettle is known as a powerful blood cleanser and it can also regenerate red blood cells. This herb is good for people who have anemia or irradiation treatments. You can drink Nettle decoct, by boiling the leaves for about 15 minutes.