It is never too late to learn. However, adults who want to advance professionally must face a double prejudice. On the one hand, the idea that education is linked to youth; on the other, the difficulty of finding work as the years go by. Be that as it may, there is a wide variety of courses aimed specifically at adults, either to improve their professional profile or to encourage their insertion in the labor market. In fact, there are many adults who take advantage of the maturity stage to embark on new academic challenges. For example, pursue a university degree or enroll in a master’s degree. In any case, you can also choose an intermediate option. This is the case of the University of Experience, which allows students over 54 years of age to study loose subjects at the university.

The EAEA (The European Association for Adult Education) offers a training and training course aimed at young people interested in learning about European adult education policy or who work in this field. It will take place during five days. Each day there will be a different theme to help participants understand the European dimension of adult education and how to connect it both nationally and locally. The total price is € 500. It will offer participants an overview of the policy and practice of adult education in Europe, sharing information on how to participate in it and establish contacts.

Beyond university studies, it is advisable to take into account adult courses designed to acquire basic professional skills. This type of training is aimed at less qualified students who need to develop fundamental skills in their day to day. In other words, professional competences are those skills that a person must acquire to advance successfully in a job. Although some have innate components, others can be worked through courses or personal growth training. Examples of this type of competences are knowledge of languages, the domain of ICT or the use of social networks.

What options do adults have for learning languages?

Languages ​​are increasingly important to access any type of work. Luckily, there are centres that take into account the needs of adults who want to learn a new language from scratch. In addition, there are specialized language courses for a specific profession. For example, imagine that you do business and you need to acquire more vocabulary about the sector. In this case, you can train more specifically, although it is advisable that you do not forget the general aspects of the language.

Do you want to learn languages ​​but you still have to find the time to attend class? If you have many family or work responsibilities, you can consider doing a distance course. Some platforms, such as English learning, are specialized in this type of methodology. On the other hand, you can also take a look at the subsidized training courses. These initiatives are usually free or have a very low registration price. The ideal option to train while you are looking for a job.

Going to live in another country means knowing another culture and, often, learning a new language to communicate. In this sense, there are many people who want to learn English or other European languages to find work, either in person or remotely . Remember that if you want to practice as a teacher in this field, it is recommended that you study the Master’s Degree in Teaching a language as a Foreign Language .

What courses of personal development and basic competences exist?

Online training: Mentor classroom is a training initiative through the Internet. It is aimed at adults who wish to expand their personal and professional skills. The project is promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in collaboration with other public and private institutions. The classroom offers courses of a very varied nature, such as modules for teacher training or digital skills.

Nowadays, you have to use computers in many jobs. Therefore, it is convenient to have basic knowledge about the main programs. This is the case of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Power Point. On the other hand, it can also be useful to conduct a course on the use of social networks.

The Massive Open Online Course are free courses aimed at a limited number of participants through the Internet. They tend to be short-term formations with little additional work. MOOC exists in all areas of knowledge, from the creation of video games to the world of the Humanities.



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